Are you a student and affected by AD(H)D? Most likely you will sometimes have difficulty concentrating and planning. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers support for those who need it.

    What is it?

    AD(H)D is an umbrella term for a combination of behavioural characteristics such as impulsive behaviour, concentration problems and restlessness. Students suffering from AD(H)D are often very creative, but find it difficult to come to grips with the overall picture. Does that seem familiar to you? Your general practitioner can help diagnose AD(H)D. He will refer you to a psychologist or a facility of the Dutch Mental Healthcare Association. They can test you for AD(H)D. If the result is positive you will receive a declaration with your diagnosis. 

    Check out more information on AD(H)D

    Do you need extra support?

    Together with your student counsellor you can assess your situation and its effects on your study progress. Sometimes a few tips and an action plan can already help, but if necessary the student counsellor will advise your study programme to plan (temporary) facilities. For example, extra exam time, flexible deadlines or adjusting your schedule.

    Official medical declaration

    When you first meet your student counsellor, bring your medical declaration with you from your physician or doctor. Your student counsellor uses this document to verify your medical situation.

    Financial compensation

    Are you studies delayed during your first four years of your study? You may be eligible for one extra year of student finance. The student counsellor will find out for you.

    Is studying too challenging due to your disability?

    Meet with the student counsellor. The student counsellor can help you with the decision to take a break from your study. You can also find out if you are eligible for certain facilities with respect to study finance, such as an extension of your student finance or the absolving of a (part of) your study debt if your disability has made it impossible for you to finish a study programme.