Study coach

    Do you have a question about your study programme, study progress, or is something going on in class, or with your teacher? Contact your Study Coach.

    What does the Study Coach do?

    It differs per study programme, but a Study Coach (also Professional Identity Coach) helps you with your studies, your study progress and your professional development. You may get lessons from your Study Coach, but also have regular one-to-one conversations.

    When do you contact the Study Coach?

    Contact your Study Coach when you have a specific question about your study programme or study progress. For example, when you are not settling well in your class group or when you are in doubt about being able to pass all your courses. Your Study Coach gives advice based on your study results and what he or she notices during lessons.

    When necessary, the Study Coach will refer you to one of the student counsellors or to Student Welfare advisors.


    Ask your Study Coach! Check Osiris Student under Guidance who your coach is, or check the Hint page of your study programme.