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Confidential counsellor

Have you found yourself in a situation when you are experiencing undesirable behaviour, for example, bullying, sexual intimidation, discrimination, and aggression. Do you find yourself in such a situation? If so, visit our confidential counsellor. The confidential counsellor has the ‘duty of secrecy’ and will always handle your information confidentially.

"Duty of Secrecy: everything is confidential"

What can a confidential counsellor help you with?

The confidential counsellor can help you with the following:

  • Initial assistance when you experience undesirable behavior, and you need help and advice;
  • Exploring the possibility of an informal solution;
  • Provide information about other possible solutions such as the complaints procedures;
  • Guidance when you want to submit a complaint to the complaints committee or the Dean’s office of your study programme;
  • Referral to another organisation to get help, or a mediator;
  • Provide information about our approach to tackling undesirable behaviour.

In addition, we can:

  • Give advice and support supervisors and managers to prevent undesirable behaviour;
  • Register incidents involving undesirable behaviour.

See also Protocol Undesirable Behaviour.

Your confidential counsellor

Contact the confidential counsellor for your institute. But of course you can turn to any counsellor. All confidential counsellors can be reached by e-mail and via Teams. Preferably contact a confidential counsellor on working days, you can expect a response the next working day.