My student finance

    When it is your first time starting a full-time or dual higher education study programme, you are entitled to student finance. How it works and how much money you can get or borrow, depends on your situation and your wishes.

    What is your scheme?

    New scheme: student loan system

    If you started higher education after 1 September 2015, you fall under the student loan system. Your student finance consists of:

    1. loan, the amount to be decided on by you, and it can vary per month. You can also borrow extra to pay your tuition by activating the tuition credit.
    2. (Any) additional grant, depending on the income of your parents.
    3. A Public transportation card (OV card) with which you can travel throughout the week and on the week-end.

    On the DUO website you can read about the exact conditions and amounts of your student finance.

    The amount that you borrow from DUO, must be repaid after your studies. Only the use of the Public transportation card and your additional grant can be gifted. This will be the case if you get your diploma within ten years, counting from the first month that you received your student finance.

    If you do not obtain your diploma within ten years, you have to repay everything, except for the first five months of the additional grant.

    For how long do I get student finance?

    You can borrow from DUO throughout seven years for a four-year study programme in higher education. An additional grant is only possible for the first four years. You can use your Public transportation card for five years. When you want to travel, but not borrow money, you can apply for a €0 loan at DUO. If you graduate within ten years, your Public transportation card is a gift.

    Old scheme: achievement grant

    Did you start higher education before 1 September 2015? You are subject to the achievement grant. It consists of a base grant, possibly an additional grant (depending on the income of your parents) and a Public transportation card. You are entitled to a base grant for four years, Public transportation card for five years, and if you graduate within ten years, the amount of the base grant and Public transportation card are a gift. You must always repay the loan.

    Read more about student finance on the DUO website

    If due to a disability, or long-term illness, your studies are delayed during the first four years of your studies, you may be entitled to one extra year of student finance. In the old scheme this means one extra year of base grant and Public transportation card. In the new scheme, it means one extra year of the additional grant and Public transportation card. In both cases you can borrow for one year longer. Visit the student counsellor in order to find out whether this is an option for you. Also, in case of disability or medical circumstances you may be eligible for a extension of your study, which will allow you to study longer than ten years for your diploma. In some cases it is even possible to cancel the study debt or apply for new rights. The student counsellor can explore the availability of this option for you.

    You want to (continue to) study, but you are no longer entitled to student finance. Good news, everyone up to the age of 55 can borrow money from DUO to pay tuition based on the Lifelong learning credit scheme.

    Want to know more about all study financing options?

    You can find all information about student finance on the DUO website. They have a regional office in Rotterdam; you can get an appointment via the website: make an appointment. On My DUO you can check your specific situation, make changes to your loan, or stop your study financing.