My study motivation

    You want to get your study credits, but for some reason, you are just unable to stay motivated. You can’t get yourself to start studying on time, keep up with course material, or even attend all of your classes. What can you do to boost your motivation?

    Looking back

    Remember the moment when you decided to enrol in this study programme. What was so appealing to you? What did you hope to achieve with this study programme?

    Formulate your goals again and find out if you can re-connect. 

    Tackle small tasks

    Break down your main task in smaller tasks and focus only on the outlined small tasks. Work with a long-term and week planning and try to achieve a feeling of success that way: 'Yes! Another check mark; next task!!'

    Find out if you can get help from a peer coach if you find it difficult to plan tasks. 

    Reward yourself

    There’s nothing wrong with rewarding your motivation!

    For smaller tasks use smaller rewards, like an hour of Netflix after an afternoon of studying, and big rewards for a big job, such as a festival after the end of an assessment period. 

    Study together

    Study together! It can be infectious when you see other students work hard. Go to school and study there, put on a live stream, such as Study Vibes.

    Study with music

    Put together a playlist of music that allows you to concentrate well. It really does not need to be classical music! Some people study well while listening to techno!

    Have you ever noticed people with laptops sitting in Starbucks? The background noises of a coffee bar can really increase your ability to concentrate! Try it out with Coffitivity

    Talk about it

    Have you already tried out many of the above-mentioned motivational tips, but have not found any answers? Don't know where to start? Perhaps there’s even more to it than you think? Talk about it! Discuss it with family, friends, but another option is to talk to your Study Coach. It can also be helpful to visit a student counsellor. They can help you, give advice, and possibly refer you to someone else, should that be a possible solution.