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My Binding Study Recommendation (BSA in Dutch)

First-year students receive a recommendation from their study programme at the end of the academic year. Have you obtained the required number of credits, or your first-year certificate? Then you will get a positive recommendation and can continue on to your second year. Do you have too few study credits? You will get a negative study recommendation, and will have to end your study programme.

My situation

I have a positive Binding Study Recommendation

A positive recommendation means that you have enough credits. This differs per study programme, but it is usually 48 study credits. Check your Student Handbook for the number of credits that you need. If you have enough, you can continue on to the second year of your study programme.

it’s not February first (1st) yet, but it is no longer possible to obtain a positive Binding Study Reccomendation

Are you worried about meeting the requirement, and expect a negative Binding Study Recommendation early on in the academic year? De-register before February 1st. In this case you will not get a recommendation, neither a positive nor negative. No negative study recommendation means that in the future you could register again for that same study programme at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

If you de-register after February 1st (for example in March or April), you will inevitably receive a study recommendation (possibly a negative Binding Study Recommendation, preventing you from starting fresh in September).

I have a negative Binding Study Recommendation

You are not permitted to register again for the same study programme at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. You will have to end your study programme.

My Binding Study Recommendation is deferred

A Binding Study Recommendation will not yet be issued. Your study programme is postponing the decision until the end of the second academic year. Generally this means that you will have to obtain the first-year certificate or 48 study credits in the second year. 

Note! The specific rules about the deferred Binding Study Recommendation differ per study programme. Make sure that you are up-to-date, and discuss this subject with your Study Coach or coordinator student affairs.

Special circumstances?

Are there special circumstances that negatively influence your study results? Let your student counsellor know as soon as possible. The student counsellor can advise your study programme to hold off on the Binding Study Recommendation, if special personal circumstances are the reason that you cannot obtain the study credit requirement or your first-year certificate. This is only possible when you make sure that your student counsellor knows enough about your situation in order to establish a link between your circumstances and your study results. These are the conditions:

  • Keep your student counsellor informed about your results after every assessment period via e-mail or make an appointment;
  • Inform your student counsellor in time about (new) developments of your special personal circumstances;
  • Allow your student counsellor to view your (medical) documents;
  • Allow your student counsellor to provide you with the Binding Study Recommendation advice via Osiris (read on below).

Grant permission with consent form

You have to grant your student counsellor permission to share information with the study programme. If you fail to do so, the student counsellor cannot in any way offer advice to the study programme. The information that would be shared is always kept to a minimum and does not include confidential details.

You grant your student counsellor permission by means of a consent form. This is how it works:

  • Open Osiris Student
  • Click on Cases and then on My cases
  • Click on Start a new Case
  • Select consent form: “toestemmingsformulier decanaat BSA”
  • Carefully read through the form
  • Confirm your consent

The student counsellor does not assess how suitable the study programme is for you, or how capable you are in the programme. That is the role of the study programme. The student counsellor's advice with regard to the recommendation is not binding, but the study programme has to take it under advisement.

Want to know more?

The complete regulation about the Binding Study Recommendation is part of the Student Handbook in the attachment regulation: Study Advice and Rejection


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