Take good care of yourself

    Especially when you do not have as much time to go outside, to be with people, it is important to spend extra time on your body and mind. Check out these tips for your general wellbeing!

    Work-out @ home

    Whatever you are doing such as an (online) yoga lesson, training for a marathon, cycling, or just walking, exercise is the best thing for your body and mind. Even at home, there are plenty of options to choose from.

    A few (free) online tips:

    • Popsugar Fitness: all-round online workouts (English-language). An easy way to be in a group lesson at home (sort of)!
    • emkfit: happy dance HIT workouts: easy choreography, guaranteed sweating!
    • Yoga: there is much of it online. A few nice and easy channels are Yoga with Milou (Dutch) and Yoga With Adriene (English-language).

    Being at peace

    Let your brain relax from time to time! Mindfulness can help you stay calm when getting stressed. Are you not at all familiar with mindfulness? Check out TED Talk or the series Headspace Guide on Netflix. There are many apps available as well such as Smiling mind, Inside Timer, the VGZ Mindfulness Coach (NL) and Bhuddify.

    Get offline

    In your spare time, try to do something offline. Start an offline hobby such as photography, gardening, reading, cooking, drawing, geocaching, or baking.

    Stay connected

    It is not out of the ordinary to feel lonely more often than normal and to feel isolated from others during periods of remote learning. Try to stay connected to others, even if it's digitally. Learn more on our page about online socialising.


    Are these turbulent times stressing you out more than usual? Watch this animation film which explains how you can use ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to better cope with your fears and anxiety.

    Also check out our own stress page for more tips on how to relax. 

    Are you dealing with serious psychological complaints?

    Don't let it get you down and seek (online) help. The MIND page is a good starting point. Here you can find all kinds of ways to get in touch with counsellors and/or people with similar problems. And check out this overview of all helplines that you can call.