Online socializing

    Online education means less contact with your fellow students. Remember to also spend time socialising online.

    Maximize your studies!

    Social contact with your fellow students is important for your motivation and makes you feel at home at your study programme. It makes it easier to ask questions and ask for help.

    Contact with classmates is also important to learn skills. If you talk to each other more often outside of class, it is easier to work together, give a presentation, discuss things, or give each other feedback.

    Digital socializing

    But how do you make contact when you are all being educated remotely in your own rooms? When you hardly know each other, it can be difficult to get in touch via teams or whatsapp.

    Remember that most students experience this and are probably overjoyed when you suggest meeting online.


    • Plan a daily "coffee" moment with your classmates via Teams or Zoom.
    • Keep in touch via a social group. Start the day by wishing the whole group a good morning or share how your day went.
    • Agree to work on assignments 'together' with fellow students, for example, by meeting at a certain time and working on an assignment at the same time.
    • Suggest adding an icebreaker or energizer halfway through your online study group: do something fun for 5 minutes and then continue with a fresh start.
    • In an online meeting, discuss the pleasant but also the less pleasant things that you have experienced. Listen to the other person and see how you can help each other.
    • Organise a fun online activity, such as an escape room, a board game, bingo or play a game via Happening. Watch this film for lots of tips for online drinks, pub quizzes or dancing!