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Time Management & Study Skills

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If you find it difficult to plan your time and study activities effectively, this module is just the thing for you. The 'Time Management & Study Skills' module is designed for those students who want to learn to plan better, use tips to improve their approach to studying, and learn to 'study' more effectively.

During this elective course, we will focus on learning to plan and on time management. You will be given various types of planning to practice with and to determine for yourself what does and does not work for you. You will also look at what you spend a lot of your time on and how you could work more efficiently.

Furthermore, we will spend time on separating main issues from side issues in books and syllabi, being able to properly follow lectures, make summaries and prepare for (interim) exams.


The student will be assessed on the basis of:

A submitted portfolio, consisting of various dossier assignments and a final reflection report.

A mini lesson on a topic related to Time management & Study Skills. This team mini lesson will be scheduled for the last session, together with some classmates.

Compulsory attendance: (maximum 1 lesson absent, for 2 missed lessons a substitute assignment, for 3 or more missed lessons no study credits will be awarded).

Active participation during classes.


You will be excluded from further participation if you are absent the first lesson, without notice. We will then assume that you are no longer interested in taking part in the module. However, your absence will be recorded on your grade list, which will state: Not Taken Part. (ND)


This elective is available for international students, who cannot take the elective in Dutch, as they do not speak Dutch yet. You can register via Osiris Student.

 Time Management & Study Skills (2022-2023)

Course code: RBSTMS01K