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Studying with Dyslexia

Course content

Course content

This module is suitable for any student who has dyslexia.
Do you have dyslexia, and does this affect your studies negatively? Would you like more insight into dyslexia, communication and learning skills? The elective course Studying with Dyslexia may be a good option. Learn (quick) reading and relaxation techniques, and memory training and work with other aids to help you process the study material better.

What will be covered in this course?

  • Applying knowledge and insight into dyslexia
  • Reading skills
  • Study aids
  • Writing skills
  • (Quick) Reading methods
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Memory training
  • Mindmaps

Work forms

Different ways of working

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Individual assignments
  • Group assignments
  • Presentation


Assessment form

The course is an elective and is awarded with 2 credits (ECTS). You will submit a portfolio at the end of the elective.



You can only register for this elective if you have a dyslexia certificate.
If you are a first-year student, you may already have registered for the elective via Studielink. Otherwise you can register by contacting a  student counsellor.