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    Motivation plays a very big role in completing your studies successfully. To be successful as a student, it is important to be in control of your studies and your motivation. Do want to know how?

    This elective course will help you understand what you can do yourself in terms of behaviour to become proactive in your studies; in other words, to be in control of your studies! You will look at which way of thinking can help you study successfully, how to set clear and achievable goals for yourself and how to prioritise better. You will explore what you are good at and what motivates you intrinsically, as well as how to persevere during negative periods while studying. You will also learn to increase the extent of your own influence, allowing you to play a greater role in the success of your own studies. In addition, you will examine the causes of procrastination, how to be in control, and how to reduce your stress level. You will also explore what gives you energy.


    You will be assessed on the basis of:

    Portfolio with a dossier assignment and a final reflection report.

    100% attendance requirement (five meetings and two interviews).

    Active participation during classes

    Types of learning

    The types of work we will be using are:



    Exercises (plenary, small group, duo or individual)

    Discussion form

    Digital work forms such as Kahoot, Padlet, Mentimeter, chat function in Teams (if the course is taught online)


    You will be excluded from further participation if you are absent the first lesson, without notice. We will then assume that you are no longer interested in taking part in the module. However, your absence will be included on your grade list, which will note: Not Taken Part. (ND)

    The module has 5 compulsory lessons (see also heading 'Assessment'). Prior to the start of the lessons, you will complete the Study Thermometer (a kind of test to find out where your motivation bottlenecks lie) and have an exploratory discussion about this with the teacher. During the module itself, you will also have a coaching session.


    This elective is available for international students, who cannot take the elective in Dutch, as they do not speak Dutch yet. You can register via Osiris Student. 

    Motivate yourself (2022-2023)

    Course code: RBSMOY01K