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Mental health

Little concentration, disturbed sleep, quick to panic: these are symptoms of a depression, anxiety disorder, or another issue concerning your mental health. Of course this will affect your studies. Read what you can do to study as effectively as possible.

Mental health support

It's good to know that you cannot get mental health treatment at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. You need to contact the regular services at the Dutch Mental Healthcare Association (GGZ), and your own GP.

We do offer support so that you can study as effectively as possible, despite any mental health issues. You can get support at all locations of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Extra support

student counsellor can help you with a plan of action, but can also give advice about facilities. For example, if you have difficulty concentrating due to feelings of depression, it might be helpful to temporarily receive extra exam time. Or if you are in therapy and have to miss classes, it can be handy to have the opportunity to join another class or complete a replacement assignment.

Is studying too challenging due to your mental health situation?

Meet with the student counsellor. The student counsellor can help you with the decision to (temporarily) stop your enrolment, and can find out if you are eligible for a provision with respect to study financing, such as an extension of your achievement grant or cancellation of a (part of) your study debt.