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I have medical circumstances

Have you been taken ill, and expect to be ill for some time? Are you expecting an operation? Are you suffering from a chronic disease? These are all situations that could delay your studies. Visit the student counsellor to find out what can be done to limit study delay as much as possible.

Extra support

You may need extra support with your studies due to your medical situation. Together with your student counsellor you can assess your situation and the effects of it on your study progress. Sometimes a few tips and an action plan can already help, but if necessary the student counsellor will write an advice to your student coordinator for (temporary) facilities. For example, extra exam time, flexible deadlines or adjusting your schedule. 

Be on time

Report to the student counsellor as soon as possible, for example, when you are expecting an operation. Then, the student counsellor has time to advise your student coordinator, to take your situation into account. Should you, for example, report after the operation, it will be too late.

Official Medical declaration

When you first meet your student counsellor, take your medical declaration with you. It can be a section from your medical file, a confirmation of an operation, or a confirmation letter from your physician. 

Your student counsellor uses the documentation to verify your medical situation.

Financial compensation

Are you studies delayed during your first four years of higher education? You may be eligible for one extra year of study financing. The student counsellor will check this with you.