Free online workshops

    Would you like to limit work-related stress? Sleep better? Learn how to deal with anxiety or grief? Get to work with one of the free online workshops of Mirro.

    The self-help modules of the mirro Foundation help people to stay mentally healthy. You will be given information to gain insight into your situation as well as tips and exercises to carry out. You can also be inspired by the personal stories of others who are in a similar situation. The modules can be followed free of charge and anonymously at your computer, whenever it suits you.

    Please note: these online workshops will be available until 31 December 2022. From 01 January 2023 we will no longer offer these workshops. 


    This workshop will provide you with insight into your gloominess, your thinking patterns and your habits. Apart from information and explanations, it contains extensive exercises geared towards getting your mood back up.

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    Anxiety is an emotion that helps you to react when danger is imminent. That's a good thing. But what if anxiety becomes a frequent occurrence, starts to last longer, is more intense, and is no longer proportionate to whatever it is you're anxious about? The Anxiety module of Mirro helps you to better deal with your anxieties and maintain control.

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    Get to grips with corona stress

    The coronavirus crisis: an inescapable reality. This crisis has a major influence on our lives right now. We can imagine that you're experiencing negative feelings right now. You may feel anxious, overwhelmed or stressed. All these feelings are ok. They are valid and allowed, and you are not experiencing them alone. We hope this module can shine a positive light on your situation.

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    Everyone worries from time to time. Worrying is thinking anxiously about a problem or something unpleasant, without finding a solution. If you spend a lot of time worrying and would like to tackle that issue, this module will provide you with tips and exercises to reign in your worrying.

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    The module is designed for people who are dealing with grief due to the death of a loved one. To grieve is to process feelings and organise thoughts. Everyone grieves in their own unique way. This module helps you to go through this process in a way that suits you.

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    Sleeping problems

    Supporting people who have trouble sleeping to tackle their sleeping problems: that is the goal of this module. The module Sleeping Problems offers you insight into your sleeping behaviour. You practice different ways to get into a good sleeping mode and deal with disturbing factors, making you sleep better. It will help you to get back into a healthy sleep cycle.

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    Relationship Problems

    Most relationships have ups and downs. This module contains tips and tricks, as well as tools to keep your relationship healthy.

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    Self image

    The image we have of ourselves is known as our self-image. Having a negative self-image means that you don't have a lot of faith in your own abilities. You tend to criticise yourself and feel like you're worthless, and are almost never proud of yourself or your achievements. This module will provide you with insight into how your thoughts influence your feelings and behaviour. It will provide you with tools to develop a more realistic and positive view of yourself.

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    This module gives you insights and tools to (re)gain control of your alcohol consumption. It allows you to take a closer look at your alcohol intake and it teaches you how to deal with risk situations.

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