RUAS emergency fund

    Are you in financial need? Are you no longer able to pay rent or pay for unexpected medical expenses due to (unforeseen) circumstances? It’s possible that the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences can help with a loan from the Emergency fund. You do not pay interest, but you do have to repay everything.


    • The financial problem is very urgent and occasional (not being able to pay tuition does not meet these criteria).
    • You are already fully using DUO or other financial sources.
    • You must repay the loan within the ongoing academic year.

    How to apply?

    You apply to the student counsellor. In consultation with the student counsellor you explain why you need the money. You must also disclose your financial situation. If the request meets criteria, you then fill in the form together with the student counsellor, and discuss what would be a feasible repayment scheme. It is possible to repay in terms.