I have a fear of failure

    A little stress due to an assessment or presentation: we have all been there. When something is important, of course you want to do well, so you will naturally experience some tension. But don’t let it get in your way! When you are truly in a state of panic writing a report, or if you’re sitting an exam and your mind is a blank, maybe you are experiencing fear of failure. Luckily you can do something about it.

    Talk about it

    It is a good idea to inform your study coach, but for more specific help and advice, please visit the student counsellor. The student counsellor takes the time to listen to you, can give you advice, or refer you if necessary.

    Mindfulness apps

    Need professional help?

    Do you feel like you need more (professional) help? Take action and contact your GP. Your GP can refer you to a Dutch Mental Healthcare Association (GGZ) therapist. You can also take a first step online, for example with