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I have family circumstances

If something is going on at home with your family, it can distract you from studying. Is something happening at home such as a family member who is ill (long-term illness) or perhaps a death in the family? If for a period of time you could use some extra help, visit a student counsellor to find out what you need to successfully complete your higher education study programme.

Extra support

When someone close to you is very sick or has died, it is always a drastic situation. Once you notice that your studies have been affected, it is a good idea to visit the student counsellor. In addition to listening to you and offering his/her expertise, you may need some extra support during this difficult time. For example, extended deadlines or a flexible application of the obligation to attend educational activities. The student counsellor can help you.

Informal care tasks?

Are you taking care of someone at home? Does this mean extra responsibilities for you? Please refer to our page on Informal care for information about the available services at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.