What phone/subscription do I get?

    Upon your arrival in the Netherlands, you will notice that a Dutch phone number will be more convenient for a couple of procedures such as opening a bank account or creating your DigiD account.

    Furthermore, possessing a Dutch phone number is also important if you are planning to get a (part-time) job here in the Netherlands. Different options are available for you to choose.

    The Pay-as-you-go SIM Cards from Lebara or other providers are a good solution for finding a Dutch number on the short-term; however, using a monthly paid SIM Card will allow you to find a more secure and basic subscription. Using a monthly paid SIM Card also allows you to choose between various subscriptions and is therefore more flexible. Different providers such as T-mobile, Lebara, Vodafone provide those subscriptions which are around 10 to 15€ per month.