Deregister at the munipality

    Just as it is a requirement to register with the municipality upon arrival, it is also necessary to deregister when leaving the Netherlands. Therefore before you leave, you must deregister with the municipality.

    The municipality will then automatically inform other government authorities of your departure, including the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) if applicable.

    When to deregister

    You can deregister 28 days before leaving the Netherlands. You need to give an indication of the date of your departure, as you will then be deregistered on that date. If you give no date of your departure, then the date the municipality receives your notice will be adopted as your date of departure.

    How to deregister

    You can apply for deregistration from the municipality of Rotterdam in three ways. You can deregister online (only in Dutch and DigiD is required), by post/email or in person.

    For more information about deregistering from the municipality of Rotterdam, you can visit the municipality’s deregistration page or call the city of Rotterdam on 14010. When calling from abroad, you need to call +31 10 267 16 25. For students who do not live in Rotterdam, please consult the website of the municipality that you registered with to find out how to deregister from your municipality.


    Deregistering from the municipality of Rotterdam is free of charge.

    Confirmation of deregistration

    The municipality will send a confirmation of your deregistration to your given address abroad or if you deregistered in person the municipality will hand out a confirmation of your deregistration to you during the appointment.