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If you receive a letter from the CAK (Central Administration Office)

If you have received a letter from the CAK to say that you are ‘not insured’, it means that you do not have basic health insurance with a Dutch health insurer. Dutch health insurance is compulsory for people who work in the Netherlands, or who are permanent residents of the Netherlands.

In case you receive this letter you need to take action within three months even if you incorrectly received the letter from the CAK or you will receive a fine. The fine will increase after three months.

Take action

  • The CAK letter is not correct

Apply for an assessment of your insurance position at the SVB and inform CAK of the outcome.

Application assessment

  • The CAK letter is correct

Take a Dutch basic health insurance as soon as possible and inform the CAK.

Compare Dutch health insurance companies


Further information about the requirements concerning Dutch health insurance can be found here.