Health insurance in the Netherlands

    All international students in the Netherlands are legally required to have health care insurance. There are different rules that apply to different situations, read more to find out.

    Study purposes only

    If your stay in the Netherlands is for study purposes only you need to make sure you have a health insurance with enough coverage.

    If you are from the EU/EEA you may be eligible to receive a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which covers your necessary medical costs during your stay. Please make sure you check this with your health insurer in your home country as this might differ per EU-member state.

    If you need additional coverage for medical expenses which are not covered by the EHIC* you can take out an additional insurance with a private insurance company such as AON.

    * such as medical repatriation, physical therapy and emergency dental expenses, coverage for travel and stay, such as (medical) repatriation, personal possessions, accidents, liability and legal costs.

    If you are from outside the EU/EEA you have to make sure to take out a private health insurance in the Netherlands. AON offers a complete cross border insurance policy for international students all over the world. If you would like for us to arrange this please send an email to

    Study and Work

    You are required to have a Dutch public health insurance if you have a (part-time) job. Do you work on a self-employed basis contact the SVB and request an assessment of your Wlz position. The SVB will decide whether you need to take out a Dutch public health insurance or not.

    How to take out a Dutch public health insurance?

    You must be registered with a municipality before you can take out a basic health insurance. Choose your health insurance from one of the Dutch public health insurers. Fill out the application form and send it to the health insurer.

    If you stop working or if you leave the Netherlands it is recommended that you cancel your insurance. The Zorgverzekeringslijn can also provide general information about the Dutch public health insurance and has a chat app to answers your questions directly.

    Health Care Benefit

    Health care benefit is a contribution towards the costs of your Dutch healthcare insurance. You can only apply for health care benefit (in Dutch: zorgtoeslag) if you are eligible for a Dutch public health insurance via the Dutch Tax Office (in Dutch: Belastingdienst).

    Study and Internship

    If you are doing an internship for which you are paid at least as much as the Dutch minimum wage, you are subject to compulsory insurance under the Wlz scheme.

    If you receive expenses this will also count as remuneration for your internship. You should bear in mind that room and board may also be regarded as remuneration. Contact the SVB and start the Wlz assessment when you are in doubt.

    What to do if you fall ill?

    If you are not feeling well or have complaints you must first go and see your general practioner (GP), or in Dutch huisarts. The GP decides whether to send you to see a specialist and, if necessary, send you to a hospital. If you need medicines, you will receive a prescription from the GP. With the prescription you can collect the medicine at a local pharmacy (apotheek). Find a GP in the city of Rotterdam.


    In case of an accident or other emergency situation, call 112 for an ambulance.

    Are you an international student in the Netherlands and do you wonder what happens when you need health care due to the coronavirus? Please check the website of the Zorgverzekeringslijn.