School of Health Care Studies

    Skilled health care professionals

    Everyone has a right to high-quality care. This demands high-quality training. Our graduates are highly skilled care professionals.


    Students from the School of Health Care Studies participate in several (multidisciplinary) projects within the Rotterdam work field. In close cooperation with professors and researchers from the Research Centre Innovations in Care they work on themes like Self-Management and Participation, Integrated Care, Evidence Based Care and Innovation of Technology in Care. In these areas we also cooperate with other Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and abroad.

    Examples of project results are:

    • Implementation of evidence based guidelines in several health care centres;
    • Business cases for new healthcare programmes and /or alternatives in integrated care between several care providers, for example a care chain approach for vulnerable elderly;
    • Technical adaptations, for example a handle for tablets used to stabilize it when used by people with dementia.