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School of Education (Teacher Training)

The school prepares students for a future as an educational specialist in primary, secondary, vocational and adult education.


The School of Education (Teacher Training) provides bachelor's degree courses in Primary as well as Secondary, Vocational, and Adult Education. We train our students for teaching in primary education, the junior years of higher general and pre-university secondary education, and the entire curriculums of pre-vocational and vocational secondary education. The design of the various teacher training courses is quite similar but, naturally, they differ in knowledge areas, training schools (internships), instructional methods, and educational theories. After all, there is a difference between teaching toddlers and teaching adolescents; they require different qualities. We do, however, collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences whenever possible. All the students who complete one of the 4-year courses are awarded a bachelor's degree and are thereby qualified as teachers. All the teacher training courses are provided both full time and part time. We also work closely together with our own university's Research Centre for Urban Talent, the Faculty of Education of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the College for Special Needs Education of the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. We thereby safeguard the exchange between theory, practice, and practice-focused research in all of our courses.

"As a teacher, you can make the difference"