Rotterdam Mainport Institute

    Rotterdam Mainport Institute (RMI) provides programme courses which are directly linked to (inter)national shipping and transport and the industrial port complex.


    Rotterdam Mainport Institute (RMI) is the result of a joint venture between STC Group and the Rotterdam University of applied sciences. RMI offers bachelors degrees in Mainport related topics such as Transport and Logistics, Ship building and Chemical Process Engineering. Using the hands-on experience from professional practice is essential in all programmes and it enables us to adequately respond to the needs arising in professional practice in the biggest port in Europe.

    Students are prepared for a profession in a global economy and on an internationally oriented labour market. In addition to international courses and projects, several international activities are organized, varying from study visits, excursions and practical training abroad to exchange programmes for students and teaching staff. One of these programmes is the Student Exchange Programme in Logistics and Transport Management.

    At this unique location in Europe, near the Port of Rotterdam, we provide four Bachelor's degree programmes. The Port of Rotterdam is Europe's largest logistics and industrial hub, a gateway to the European market consisting of 450 million consumers. The port of Rotterdam is situated directly on the North Sea. The European market is accessible from Rotterdam via five competing transport modes: road, rail, inland shipping, coastal shipping and pipeline.

    One of the main advantages of Rotterdam is its location on the estuary of the rivers Rhine and Maas. As a result, efficient and economical transport by inland shipping is possible deep into the heart of Europe. Investments in new and better infrastructure is taking place continuously. The development of the second Maasvlakte is an example of this. By reclaiming land from the sea the port of Rotterdam will be able to increase and therefore be prepared for the future.