The IEC is the centre of academic and corporate collaboration between the Rotterdam Business School, partner universities, professional work field and the world.  Within RBS, it is the hub for international collaboration.

    Over the years as a university, we have developed a vast large academic network of over 300 partner universities from all over the world. These academic collaborations give our students the chance to experience an exchange abroad and therefore enrich their study degree with an international perspective. We aim to offer an inclusive international opportunity to all our student to broaden their horizon.

    We host and organise many events, in which lecturers from our university and partner universities exchange knowledge, conduct benchmarks, give guest lectures and participate in online projects and learning programmes.

    Our collaborations with leading educational institutions from across the world allow us to obtain an outstanding network of exchange, knowledge, teaching and research. Working with enthusiastic and like-minded partner universities ensures our students access to the very latest ways of thinking,  and a greater international playground to develop themselves into citizens of the world.