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New Part-time Master

A lot of interest for part-time Master in International Supply Chain Management

02 August 2020

A new part-time edition of the Master in International Supply Chain Management will kick-off in February 2021. Interested prospects are able to apply as of August 2020. The programme will take 2 years and has already had a large amount of interest.

‘There is definitely a need for this educational track. The specific focus on performance coaching and management training resulted from our research,’ according to Arthur Fellinger, Programme Director.

‘A graduate from the track will be well-positioned to take the next step in his or her career. A senior position and eventually a director’s position in the area of supply chain management is a realistic possibility. The generic skill set acquired through the performance coaching and executive management training track prepares a graduate for more generic management roles.’

Both the full-time and part-time programmes are similar but definitely differentiate from each other in certain aspects. ‘Similar to the full-time programme, the part-time programme has a clear link with the Port of Rotterdam. Through applied case-based education, it is very relevant. The students will be able to use insights gained directly in their day to day work. Performance coaching and management training is unique to the part-time master. The applied case-based educational set up, as well as clear links to industry, are a plus.’

Full-time International Supply Chain Management alumna, Yelyzaveta Drevetniak, agrees that the knowledge and links with industry at RBS are superb. ‘For me this university gave me a lot, an enormous amount. All the knowledge I received was very applicable. Right now at work I’m able to use techniques that I learnt during the programme. It was really helpful.’

Are you based in the Randstad region or nearby enough to study in the thriving city of Rotterdam part-time? Find out more about the part-time Master in International Supply Chain Management here.

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