RBS peer coach Amber Wijnker in Dutch Newspaper Metro

    04 February 2016

    Have you read the free Dutch newspaper Metro on January 28? Metro published an article about the peer coaches of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and how their work is beneficial to both first year students and themselves.

    One of the peer coaches is third year student Amber Wijnker. She studies Trade Management for Asia at the Rotterdam Business School. One of the students that Amber helps as a peer coach is first year student Jiamin Zhang. Jiamin explains why she needs Amber’s help: “I have to do a resit for Business Economics but just learning everything in class is not sufficient for me. I have to practice more. I do this with my coach Amber. She explains everything very well.” 

    So for first year students it’s great to have a peer coach. But it also has its perks for the coaches themselves. They learn a lot from being a peer coach and it can help them to get a job. Or an internship: when Amber applied for an internship, the company appreciated her work as a coach. 

    Do you want to read the full article? See this pdf (in Dutch). Read more about peer coaching on this page.