Keuzegids higher education 2019: General score rises, 3 Top Rated Study Programmes

    05 October 2018

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences obtained a score of 56 points in the Keuzegids hbo (guide for prospective students in higher education) of 2019. This is 2,5 points higher than last year. Three study programmes of the University of Applied Sciences were awarded the designation 'Top rated Study Programme'.

    General score

    What the Keuzegids higher education 2019 shows, is in line with expectations given the results of the National Student Survey. The ‘NSE’  theme scores showed that the Rotterdam University of Applied had made significant progress in important areas.

    The relative position of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has improved compared to the other large institutions of higher education in the area; Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is now at the top of that list.

    Three Top Rated Study Programmes

    Three study programmes of this university of applied sciences were awarded the designation 'Top Rated Study Programme'. They are the Teacher Education in Geography (score of 82 points), Industrial Product Design (78 points) and Health Care Management (76 points). Study programmes with a score of 76 points or more are awarded the title 'Top Rated Study Programme'.

    Chairman of the Executive Board Ron Bormans is satisfied with the scores of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. "Once again three of our study programmes are offering top rated education. That is significant recognition for all those involved with these study programmes. It’s a great achievement that throughout the year they can use the designation 'Top Rated Study Programme'. For two of the study programmes that will already be for the second year in a row. In addition, the significant rise in scores of the following study programmes is truly positive: Education in Primary Schools (Pabo), Chemical Engineering and Maritime Technology. Colleagues are motivated to work on improvement of our education; It’s a good thing that their efforts are then reflected in a higher score", according to Ron Bormans.

    Focus study programmes

    Some study programmes are faring less well. Before the summer these were already labelled 
    so-called Focus study programmes by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences based on our own standards. This has resulted in extra financial means and support for these study programmes in order to set the necessary improvements in motion. Bormans: " Improvement is urgent at one study programme. But our colleagues are aware of this, are receiving support and therefore I trust that we will take the necessary steps at this programme as well."

    About the Guide ‘Keuzegids’

    The Keuzegids higher education 2019 compares the quality of higher education Bachelor study programmes in the Netherlands based on student satisfaction, study success and expert assessment. The Keuzegids also provides insights into the labour market perspectives of the study programmes. The Keuzegids is a consumer guide for students and counsellors who want to obtain information about further education; a Keuzegids Masters is also available.

    The Keuzegids can be ordered online and is also available in bookstores.

    Quality assurance personnel at RUAS have online access to the Keuzegids.