HUB 6: Technology of Educational Theory

    The hub is a laboratorium for development and implementation of new ways of education in which ICT applications offer much added value for the quality of education.

    In concrete terms, this involves:

    • The institutes IvL and CMI, together with experts of two departments: ICT of Facilities and Information Technology (FIT), Education and Development (O&O), Research Centres Urban Talent and Creating 010, will take the initiative to strengthen the knowledge and use of the technology of educational theory.
    • They will have an actual physical place, the Edulab, for experimentation with technologies, for integrating and sharing process and content-related knowledge.
    • Per year fifty lecturers will receive a time voucher. On the condition that they share the developed knowledge within the hub, they can decide themselves how to implement the voucher.

    Who is involved?: IvL, CMI, Group Technology of Educational Theory, ICT of Facilities and Information Technology (FIT), Education and Development (O&O).
    In the lead: Institute IvL.