HUB 5: Inclusive Pedagogics and Didactics

    Influencing Study Success is a long-term process. Inclusive pedagogics and didactics are ‘a key’ to Study Success.

    In the hub ‘Inclusive pedagogics and didactics’ the knowledge on inclusiveness, pedagogics and didactics, student achievement & engagement, and mastery of language is collected, developed and shared. Done in such a way that each study programme will be able to strengthen the pedagogical and didactic base.

    Knowledge and experience obtained by research results, doctoral studies, from development of pedagogics and didactics, the Master study programmes Pedagogics, Learning and Innovating, Organisational Behaviour, the pedagogical pact, practical learning community ‘Inclusive intercultural classroom’, policy research by Concern Staff, the programme Student Achievement & Engagement (‘Binding’), and from Education and Development are all collected in this hub.

    In concrete terms, this involves:

    • A comprehensive dialogue will be held about education quality and Study Success, and about the desirability of a (variable) BSA, led by independent experts.
    • Study programmes will have space to develop an evidence-based approach to Study Success and  long-term students.
    • Annually five study programmes will be offered the opportunity to thoroughly renew the pedagogical and didactic basis of the study programme. The learning experiences of these study programmes will be shared.
    • There will be opportunities for research lecturers who want to obtain their doctoral degree on themes related to Study Success, in order to promote development of new knowledge, specific to the school.
    • The hub will organise the ‘show-yourself-challenge’, in which study programme teams can have their say about their vision on professionalism and share this with the rest of the organisation.

    Who is involved?: Professors of the Research Centre Urban Talent, HR Academy, Master study programmes of IvL and ISO, economic domain, and partners having to do with the programme Student Achievement & Engagement (‘Binding’): Concern Staff, EAS, IVG, Education and Development.
    In the lead: Steering Group Study Success and the programme on Student Achievement & Engagement (‘Binding’), with added lecturers, Professors and students.