HUB 4: Economics

    In the past few years, the four institutes of the economic study programmes have taken concrete steps toward creating one collaborative Business School. The study programmes have developed a collective vision, and from September 2017 they will provide education at one location.

    In this economic domain, the study programme teams will be held responsible for their education. Taking into consideration the size of the study programmes - which includes 12,000 students receiving their education - and considering the developments that have already taken place, the following will be developed at the hub:

    • All study programme teams will commit to clear goals with regard to quality, Study Success and long-term students.
    • The study programme teams are the core of the organisation. It is conceivable that several small, or closely related study programmes will be under the responsibility of one team.
    • All study programme teams will formulate their vision on their role in society for their
    • economic study programme(s). The Research Centre will act as advisor.
    • The current four institutes will merge and be the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Business School, and it will be managed by three directors: two directors who respectively will focus on the content of education and the operational management of the education, and the director of the Research Centre Business Innovation, who will guarantee the link to research.
    • The current economic institutes will be discontinued.
    • The course directors have a steering role, both for development and professionalisation of their own study programmes, as for the mutual cohesion, and also for offering students options in order to be challenged in their studies. They will coordinate and guide the transition. 

    Who is involved?: study programme teams of institutes RBS, IFM, IBK, COM, Research Centre Business Innovation, Rotterdam Academy.
    In the lead: three Directors.