HUB 3: Technology

    The study programmes of the institutes operating within the technology domain (EAS, IGO, RMI, CMI and RAC) have requested, together with the Research Centres Sustainable Port Cities and RDM Centre of Expertise, room to increase professionalism by learning and working together in an integrated context.

    They want to place the responsibility explicitly with the study programme teams and want to start implementing the advice from the group Organisation. This domain is leading the way in our school.  

    In concrete terms, this involves:

    • Each course director in this technical domain is anticipating a changing field and is taking the initiative to connect his/her study programme with other disciplines, a research group or research centre
    • The course directors are realising autonomous study programme teams who are each formulating ambitions in the following areas: quality, connecting to our surroundings, Study Success and long-term students
    • Advisors and supporting staff will participate in the teams so that organisational changes will involve education and the support thereof.
    • The ambitions will take shape in a work-study environment that is rich in context (curricula and research programmes)
    • The course directors will safeguard the mutual cohesion of the study programme and will naturally promote students being able to learn at other study programmes and domains. Directors of the institutes involved, the Research Centres Sustainable Port Cities and the RDM Centre of Expertise will collectively be in charge of the hub; they will coach, monitor, safeguard cohesion and progress of development, quality and efficiency.
    • The directors will also ensure the necessary external expertise on the subject of implementation of change. They will be requesting advice from the academic advisory body (Academische Raad; please see Hub 1), and this body can also give unsolicited recommendations.

    The hub will be responsible for sharing insights that are gained, and lessons that are learned with the organisation, so that the transition that we have in mind can be implemented in a responsible manner in other places of the organisation. 

    Who is involved?: Institutes EAS, RMI, IGO, CMI, Centre of Expertise RDM, Research Centre Sustainable Port Cities, and Rotterdam Academy.
    In the lead: a collective of Directors of the institutes, RCBI and RDM CoE.