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HUB 2: Master Study Programmes

In many fields being specialised at the highest level is the order of the day. Higher education Master study programmes, in particular, can fill this need. There is an increasing demand for highly-trained professionals at Master level who are capable of delivering added-value in complex fields.

Added value due to a thorough knowledge of research and the professional practice. With this knowledge, Master graduates can be frontrunners in the development of their profession, be entrepreneurial, and contribute to innovation. For example, in the (health) care sector this development is taking place at the present time. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences considers offering high-quality Master study programmes, funded and non-funded, a part of the school’s public duty. In the hub Master study programmes, developments in the field are explored and opportunities identified for starting new Master study programmes.

The hub Master study programmes will ensure further strengthening of the quality of the current Master study programmes. Master students will become familiar with research methods and skills, and will use the outcome of the research explicitly in their study programme. Education, research and practice are inextricably linked. 

In concrete terms, this involves:

  • In the hub it will be researched in which manner the quality of the Master study programmes can be further strengthened and in which way the relation between the field, research and education can more expressly play a role within the study programmes.
  • In addition, research will also be done on what the consequences will be for the organisational design and imbedding of the Master study programmes. 
  • Institutes will be supported when exploring start-up possibilities of new Master programmes and will be supported with the developments thereof. 
  • An active network of Master study programmes will be promoted and supported that is geared toward sharing and developing of knowledge having to do with organisational and content-related development of Master study programmes. 
  • Institute IvG will be in the lead of the development of the hub, in view of their experience with the IvG Master study programmes and the intensive collaboration with Research Centre Innovations in Care.

Who is involved? Network Master study programmes
In the lead: Institute IvG.