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Pearson e-books (via Bookshelf)

ICT, engineering, chemistry, business

VitalSource Bookshelf is een virtuele bibliotheek waar je voor een korte periode e-books kunt lenen van uitgeverij Pearson. Je moet hiervoor eenmalig een persoonlijk account aanmaken.


To make use of the e-books in this collection you have to follow these steps when using Bookshelf for the first time:

  1. Go to the database via SurfConext.
  2. When you see the screen below, optionally enter your e-mail address. This is only necessary when you want offline access to the e-books by means of the Bookshelf app. Don't need this? Click on "No thanks, I'll skip this step". You can always add an e-mail address to your account later.
  3. Accept the terms on the next screen.


  • In the top left there are 2 tabs: "Library" lists the books you have borrowed. "Explore" lets you browse the collection.
  • When you want to look inside a book, hover the cursor above the book cover and click on "Borrow". Below the borrow button is mentioned how long you can borrow it. When all available licenses are in use it will say "all copies in use". 
  • The current loan period is 2 hours.

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