The 'STudy And Research Tool' for Rotterdam University

    START is the WorldCat® search engine of the library. Here you can find materials (both print and online) from various sources through one interface. You can also make reservations, extend you loan period and request material from other libraries.

    What can you use it for?

    an overview of features

    The library offers you, apart from books and magazines, various databases on all kinds of subjects. Via START you can search in many databases at once. This can help you orientate yourself. With START you can:

    • Find all books and magazines of the library, including e-books!
    • Search through many databases.
    • Reserve book copies for yourself.
    • See what you have borrowed and extend your loans.
    • Store searches en search results in your personal account.
    • Request books and (copies of) scholarly articles from other libraries.
    • Find Open Access e-books and articles.

    General tips

    for more relevant search results
    • Make title searches as complete as possible. Searching for "the 7 habits of highly effective people" will yield better results than just searching for "habits".
    • Use the "in title" search option that is offered and also try the search suggestions.
    • Make use of the filters in the left column when you get too many search results. Here you can speficy that you only want to see English language magazines for example.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    START merges multiple formats and editions into one search result. When you want to see all editions, click on "Explore all editions & formats", or use the links after "More local formats:". In case you don't want merged search results, remove the checkmark at "Group related editions" (in the Search Tools menu to the left).

    When you select "Peer Reviewed", you only get search results from publications that contain articles that have been reviewed by other scientists. Important: this does not guarantee that a specific article has been peer reviewed. This indicator means that an issue contains peer reviewed articles, but that doesn't necessarily hold true for every article in that issue.

    START contains millions of links to articles and e-books. There will be some broken links present.

    • Do you get multiple links to a scientific article? If one link doesn't work, try the other links.
    • If nothing happens when you click on a "View PDF" link, copy the link, paste it into a new tab, and change http to https. Many browsers block the insecure download of files.
    • When you can't figure it out, send a report by clicking on "🏳️ Report broken link." Don't forget to check the box next to "Send me the correct link to the resource if it's available." If you don't do this, your report will be anonymous and we won't be able to respond.