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    ICT, engineering, design, business

    Learning O'Reilly is an English language learning platform aimed at providing ICT skills. It offers thousands of e-books and many video's, case studies and learning paths that allow you to monitor your progress.


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    The Learning O'Reilly website is connected to the Hogeschool Rotterdam login. In case you end up on an O'Reilly login page, use only your e-mail address and click on Sign In with Single Sign On. Getting a blank page? Turn off any adblockers you might be using.

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    Learn what you want, where you want. With the O'Reilly app you can download e-books and continue with a playlist where you left off.

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    • More then 8000 instruction video's and 42.000 (mainly English language) e-books.
    • Expert playlists: by means of playlists with book chapters and video material you learn about programming and other subjects. You can also create your own playlists.
    • Learning paths: increase your knowledge with structured learning paths.
    • Case studies: learn from (the mistakes of) professionals.