Google Scholar

    Search for academic articles

    Via Google Scholar you can search for academic articles. In Scholar you will find links to free Open Access articles as well as paid content.

    Usage on the Rotterdam University campus

    Google Scholar provides a link to the full text (when available) at the right side of the search results. Is the article present in one of the Rotterdam University databases, then it will display Find@Hogeschool Rotterdam

    Off-campus settings

    When you are not on campus, you need to setup Scholar so you get to see links to Hogeschool Rotterdam databases in the search results. The following methods are available:

    1. Via the proxy link
      Use the search box above, or go to Scholar by means of the hyperlink on this page (the yellow block). It will be configured automatically.
    2. Install the Library Access browser extension
      This add-on for your browser will make sure you'll get the full text of an article more easily. Google Scholar is also always setup correctly.
    3. Manual setup
      In Scholar, go the the hamburger menu at the top left and click on "Settings". Next go to "Library Links" and look for Hogeschool Rotterdam. Put a checkmark before it and press "Save". You can also add other libraries here, provided you have an account there as a student or a teacher.


    • Via Google Scholar and START you can find a lot of information. However this doesn't mean everything can be found here. Statistics, business data and images can often only be found on specialized websites. In addition, searching in a database itself often produces more relevant results.
    • Below each search result you will find special links: Cited byRelated Articles, etc. Use these to find more relevant articles, or to find a version which does offer full text.
    • Google Scholar has a feature where you can export the citation data of an article to a reference manager. It is however possible this data is flawed. For more reliable citation data, use the export options offered by the source itself.