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Get to know more in your native language

Get to know more about our students and our international Business Programme in your native language! We will tell you all about academic and student life at RUAS, but in your own language!

Throughout the year our representatives travel around the world to meet you, but this year, it's a little bit different. You can now get to know our students, university, study programmes and also Rotterdam in your own language.

Our current students will inform you about the practical matters and share their personal experience about studying in Rotterdam and at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

Nice to meet you, Rotterdam

Get to know our beautiful city and the journey that awaits you! 


Get to know more

Currently, we have the following languages on offer: 

  • Get to know more in - Dutch
  • Get to know more in - English
  • Get to know more in - Spanish
  • Get to know more in - Romanian
  • Get to know more in - German
  • Get to know more in - Portuguese 
  • Get to know more in - Lithuanian 

More languages are coming soon! Find them on our YouTube

For more information, you can send an email to

Get to know more


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