Tuition fees and costs of living

    What are the costs for studying at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences? You can find more information below for an overview of the financial aspect of studying at our institution.

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees for each academic year

    The amount that you will be required to pay depends on your nationality and the programme you have applied for. You pay tuition fees each year. The tuition fees are determined each year and therefor subject to change. 

    Please check the programme for the tuition fees.

    Tuition fee for Refugees

    Students who have been officially recognised by the UAF (the Foundation for Refugee Students) are required to pay the same tuition fees as EU/EEA students. Please contact CoIA.

    Life-long Learning Credit

    The credit facility ‘Life-long Learning Credit’ is available for students in the ages of 30-55, who are following an accredited study programme in higher education, and who do not qualify for study financing. A Master student can qualify under certain conditions. These specific conditions can be found on the DUO website.

    When you are younger than thirty, you can also qualify for this credit. Please also check the DUO website.

    Costs of living

    What does it cost to study in Rotterdam?

    To cover your living expenses, such as housing, food, insurance and transportation you should expect to spend approximately € 1000 - € 1,400 a month, excluding your tuition fee.

    The costs are roughly as follows:

      Costs per month
    Accommodation € 475 - € 1000 
    Food € 250
    Going out € 130 - € 150
    Telephone € 15 - € 35
    Insurance € 60 - € 140 
    Sports € 25 - € 50
    Public transportation* € 60 - € 100

    *€ 4,50 for a 2 hrs ticket