Online application system - Mobility Online

    We created one unique account for each partner university. If you have not yet used Mobility Online before, please send an email to, so we can send you your login details. If you have already received your login details in the past but forgot your password, please click on the button “forgot your password?”.

    Please go to to access our online application system.

    Please make sure you use the following link to access Mobility If your login details do not work, please check with your colleagues if they might have changed the password. If this is not the case, please send an email to

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to create multiple accounts for one partner university. We kindly ask you to share your account with the colleagues from a different department/international office.

    Please try again with a different internet browser. Mobility Online supports the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome (last 2 major releases), Mozilla Firefox (last 2 major releases), Safari 5.1+, Opera (last 2 major releases), iOS 6.1+ and Android 4.0

    If you entered the wrong date of birth and your student cannot log in, please tell your student to enter the wrong date of birth. At a later step, your student will be able to change his/her date of birth in Mobility Online.

    If you made a typo in the student’s name, please tell your student that he/she can change this at a later step in Mobility Online.

    For all other mistakes, please contact