Nomination process

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to nominate free-movers (non-degree, fee-paying students). Only students from a partner university (with a valid partner contract) can apply for one of our exchange programmes. If you would like to discuss collaboration possibilities, you can send a contract proposal to

    Rotterdam UAS uses the software tool Mobility Online to process all incoming exchange applications. If you have not yet nominated students in this system before, please send an email to so we can send you your login details. If you already have your login details, please nominate your students directly into Mobility Online. Once their nomination has been approved, your students will receive an email with a login for Mobility Online so they can apply online. If we still have questions about a nomination, we will contact you as soon as possible during the nomination period.

    Fall semester: Late March – April 15th
    Spring semester: Late September – October 15th

    All partner universities will receive an email from us at the beginning of the nomination period with further information about our course offering for that particular semester.

    Unfortunately, this is not possible as we work with strict deadlines for permits & visas. In addition, we only have a limited number of spots available within our exchange programmes and the allocation process starts immediately after the closing date of the nomination period. If there are special circumstances, please contact us directly at to discuss possibilities.

    If you have students who would like to join two semesters (and this is agreed upon in the partner agreement) then please indicate this at the time of nomination for the upcoming semester. If you would like to nominate a student who wants to join a later semester only, we kindly ask you to wait with your nomination until the timeslot for that later semester opens.

    We have to stick to the number of exchange spots that are mentioned in the partner contract as we only have a limited amount of spots available in our exchange programmes. If you would like us to make an exception, please contact us directly at before you nominate your students so we can discuss the possibilities with the involved schools. Unfortunately, it is not possible to nominate free-movers (non-degree, fee-paying students).

    It will depend on the partner agreement. With some partner universities we have an agreement in multiple study fields (e.g. business and architecture) and with others only in one field (e.g. communication). If you would like to nominate a student from an different study field than the one(s) mentioned in the partner agreement, please let us know before you nominate the student so we can discuss internally if this is possible. But please note that we cannot guarantee admission to a particular exchange programme in advance as it will depend on the number of spots available in the exchange programme and it will depend on your student’s study background and motivation as well.

    • Total duration of study: The total duration of the Bachelor programme (often 3 or 4 years) or Master programme (often 1 or 2 years) at the sending institution.
    • Completed years of study: How many years of that Bachelor or Master programme the student will have completed at the start of the exchange.