Application process

    All our exchange programmes are at Bachelor level only and are listed on our website, but not all exchange programmes are offered each semester. For an up to date overview of the exchange programmes we offer in the upcoming semester, please see the email we sent you to announce the nomination period has started (for Fall this email will be sent mid-March and for Spring mid-September). We kindly ask you to choose a programme in close consultation with your nominated students, based on their study background and also keeping in mind the partner agreement our universities have.

    Please note that we can’t always guarantee that students will be accepted to their 1st programme preference (e.g. due maximum capacity programmes or not meeting the requirements based on study background). Therefore we will ask your students to indicate their programme preferences during their online application: 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference.

    Language requirements
    All exchange students are required to have an English level similar to IETLS 6.0, CEFR B2, or TOEFL 550 / iBT 80 / 213 cBT. We do not require an official English test score, but we trust our partner universities to only nominate students who meet this requirement.

    Specific admission requirements
    Each exchange programme has its own admission requirements. If you select a specific exchange programme and scroll down to the header “practical matters”, you will find the admission requirements for that particular exchange programme.

    Fall semester: April 1st – April 25th
    Spring semester: October 1st – October 25th

    After you have nominated your students into Mobility Online, we will review their nomination. If their nomination has been approved, your students will receive an email from us with a login for Mobility Online so they can apply online. If we still have questions about a nomination, we will contact you as soon as possible during the nomination period.

    NOTE: Students will only receive their login from us between April 1st - April 25th and October 1st - October 25th. 

    All students, and partners, will be informed about the student’s acceptance within 3-4 weeks after the application deadline. If we have to ask students to transfer to another (similar) programme, we will contact you and the student(s) as soon as possible during or shortly after the application period.

    The exact start and end date vary per exchange programme. Most exchange programmes start early September (Fall semester) or early February (Spring semester) and end late January (Fall semester) or mid-July (Spring semester). But we also have exchange programmes that run for a shorter amount of time and end earlier. The exact start and end date will be announced in the Letter of Acceptance (students will receive this document within 3-4 weeks after the application deadline), but for an indication you can check the website of that particular exchange programme.

    At Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Learning Agreements are signed by the different programme coordinators as we (the Centre of International Affairs) are not involved with academic related matters. The contact details of the programme coordinator will be mentioned in the Letter of Acceptance. Students can send their Learning Agreement digitally via EWP after they have officially been accepted to one of our programmes. We don't accept and sign any Learning Agreements before that time. If students have been nominated for one academic year, please send us only the Learning Agreement for the first semester. We will sign the Learning Agreement for the second semester when we know which programme they will join.

    We strive to send the Transcript of Records within 5 weeks after the end of the exchange programme. We (the Centre of International Affairs) are not involved in academic related matters and do not have access to academic information such as grades, so we work closely together with the different school to send the Transcript of Records in time. If you have content related questions about the Transcript of Records, please contact the programme coordinator directly (email address will be mentioned in the email you receive from us) and they will be able to assist.

    You can send this document to or the programme coordinator for signature. We will be able to sign this form after we have received the Transcript of Records from the programme coordinator (within 5 weeks after the end of the exchange programme). If you need a signed copy before then, please contact the programme coordinator.