Heads Together

    Co-designing the participation of youth with mental health issues

    Youth with mental health issues tend to drop out of school, traineeship or work more easily. Koplopers, a project by and for young people based in Rotterdam, is aimed at improving this participation.



    • Two broadcastings (at local radio stations) about the subject and the project created more awareness among a wider audience than RUAS.
    • Several studies were carried out to describe and detect the problem and to look at the problem in a more systematic way. (1) (2) Bachelor and Master students graduate on the subject.
      • (1) Dudevszky, S.I.Z.A. & Witte, T. (2017): Participatie en inclusie van jongeren met psychische kwetsbaarheid, 29 mei 2017. DOI 10.1007/s12451-017-0145-y
      • (2) Venema: Rotterdamse scholen zoeken hulp voor kwetsbare student. In: Algemeen Dagblad, 6 April 2017
    • For an overall list of publications (in Dutch), click here