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Woman-centered care 2.0

Publication of Innovations in Care

R. Groot,de, J.A.C.A. Fontein-Kuipers, A.L. Staa,van | Article | Publication date: 22 May 2018

Bringing the concept into focus

INTRODUCTION Woman-centered care has become a midwifery concept with implied meaning. In this paper we aim to provide a clear conceptual foundation of woman-centered care for midwifery science and practice. METHODS An advanced concept analysis was undertaken. At the outset, a systematic search of the literature was conducted in PubMed, OVID and EBSCO. This was followed by an assessment of maturity of the retrieved data. Principle-based evaluation was done to reveal epistemological, pragmatic, linguistic and logic principles, that attribute to the concept. Summative conclusions of each respective component and a detailed analysis of conceptual components (antecedents, attributes, outcomes, boundaries) resulted in a definition of woman-centered care. RESULTS Eight studies were selected for analyses. In midwifery, woman-centered care has both a philosophical and a pragmatic meaning. There is strong emphasis on the woman-midwife relationship during the childbearing period. The concept demonstrates a dual and equal focus on physical parameters of pregnancy and birth, and on humanistic dimensions in an interpersonal context. The concept is epistemological, dynamic and multidimensional. The results reveal the concept’s boundaries and fluctuations regarding equity and control. The role of the unborn child is not incorporated in the concept. CONCLUSION An in-depth understanding and a broad conceptual foundation of womancentered care has evolved. Now, the concept is ready for research and educational purposes as well as for practical utility.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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