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Self‐management challenges and support needs among kidney transplant recipients

Publication of Innovations in Care

A.L. Staa,van, E. Ista, W. Weimar, J.M.J. Been-Dahmen, J.W. Grijpma, L. Maasdam, E.K. Massey, J. Dwarswaard | Article | Publication date: 05 June 2018

A qualitative study

This study investigated self‐management challenges and support needs experienced by kidney transplant recipients. After kidney transplantation, recipients are expected to take an active role in self‐management. However, evidence suggests that nurses experience difficulties operationalizing self‐management support. Greater insight into the recipients’ perspective could help to improve the adequacy and efficacy of nurse‐led self‐management support.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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