Motivational factors in discussing sexual health with young people with chronic conditions or disabilities

    Publication of Innovations in Care

    A.P. Visser, A.L. Staa,van, S.R. Hilberink, H.A. Stege,van der | Part of a book | Publication date: 30 May 2014
    The objective of this study was to identify determinants of professionals’ intention to use the new board game SeCZ TaLK to facilitate sexual health discussions with young people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, and to gauge whether intention led to actual use. A cross-sectional web-based survey of 336 professionals before they received the game sought to measure their intention to use SeCZ TaLK, their attitudes towards discussing sexuality, social professional environment, self-efficacy, opinion on the feasibility of using the game and experience discussing sexuality.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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