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Meaning in life of older adults in daily care: a qualitative analysis of participant observations of home nursing visits

Publication of Innovations in Care

P. Derkx, Trudy Schutter, A. Machielse, A. Oldersma, S.H.A. Hupkens, M.J.B.M. Goumans | Article | Publication date: 11 April 2019
Aim To explore situations in daily home nursing regarding meaning in life of older adults. Design Qualitative research design. Methods In total, 197 participant observations were conducted during home nursing visits between September 2015–May 2018. Descriptions were thematically analysed. The themes of this analysis were subsequently linked to dimensions of meaning in life. Dialogue in research groups expanded understanding. Results/Findings Four main themes were found namely: being in a private environment; nurse–patient encounter embedded in a relationship; personal care; and conversation. Conclusion Meaning in life of older adults may come to light in every situation during daily care. Hence there are many opportunities for nurses to attune their work to patients' meaning in life. Nurse education and health management should enable them to do so.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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