Transition to motherhood

    Women and midwives deciding together on care

    Publication date: 01 January 2015

    Mothers (to be) increasingly wish to make their own choices in the care provided during the childbearing process, including pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.


    To align with thoughts and decision-making processes of women prior, during and after pregnancy and birth, and prior and during motherhood, midwives need to be aware of windows of opportunity as well as needs of women during the process of becoming or being a mother. Transition to motherhood is studied during the process of childbearing and from a lifecycle approach perspective. Target groups are pregnant and postpartum women, adolescent/ young women and post-fertility women.

    Individual focuses of study are:

    1. The process of transition to motherhood during the course of life and the midwife’s care period.
    2. The needs of women in the transition to motherhood.
    3. The care opportunities of midwives within their designated care period
    4. The care opportunities of midwives outside the care period of childbearing