SPRiNG: Starting Strong in Nursing

    Resilience of starting nurses against physical and mental workload

    Publication date: 22 April 2016

    Together with a large number of care institutions and educational institutes, Research Centre Innovations in Care conducted a four-year study into the causes of drop-out among nurses.


    (Intended) results

    • An innovative, validated predictive model for indicated prevention in health care
    • Understanding of the physical and mental problems of nurse students and new graduate nurses through quantitative and qualitative research
    • Good practices and a ready-made application to prevent dropout, based on early detection and intervening during internships and actual employment
    • Valorisation of bachelor level knowledge in co-creation with creative students, health care institutions and health care professionals in the region
    • Connecting with science by means of two doctoral studies
    • Input of knowledge for the Master Advanced Nursing Practice, the Bachelor of Nursing programme, the Bachelor of Human Resource Management and the minor Occupational Health
    • Expert meetings and a final symposium for the network of health care institutions, professionals, educational programmes, lecturers, students and researchers in innovations in care

    To distribute knowledge, expert meetings and a final symposium will be organised. The results of the study will be disseminated in scientific publications, publications in professional journals and (inter)national presentations. In addition, these results will be distributed amongst the participating health care institutions and educational programmes.

    Other educational and health care institutions will particularly be involved in further distribution of knowledge, as the results of the study are important for them as well. The possibilities for international parallel studies will be explored in cooperation with the international partners in the network. 

    Publications and products