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On Your Own Feet

Three research projects
Publication date: 01 April 2004

In recent years, the research group ‘Transitions in Care’, part of Research Centre Innovations in Care of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences initiated a research project focused on adolescents with chronic conditions called On Your Own Feet.


On Your Own Feet Continued - Quantitative study

The quantitative research project was built on the research findings of the participatory qualitative research. Both studies chart the perspective of young people with chronic diseases on their healthcare and their development towards independence.

Children and young people are the main users of care, but seem barely involved in the care process. Hospital's patient satisfaction surveys tend to emphasize parents rather than young patients. The literature showed that parents and young people often disagree on the quality of care and quality of life issues.

Initiative and Cooperation Partners

The research project was a collaboration between the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Expertise Centre 'Transitions in Care', Research Centre Innovations in Care), Sophia Children's Hospital (Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam), and the Institute of Health Policy and Management (iBMG) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The research was conducted in cooperation with the market research organization 'Team Vier' and was funded by the Dutch charity foundation Kinderpostzegels.

Research Design

During the quantitative research part, the opinions of young people were mapped using an Internet survey. Exactly the same questions were also put to the parents of these young people. The main topics addressed were their general background, their medical condition and their experience of it, their quality of life and the impact of the condition on their lives, their welfare, their care preferences in the transition phase, and their competencies in self-care and self-management.


A total of 1039 adolescents and 779 parents completed the comprehensive Internet survey. In 593 cases, we received a completed questionnaire from both young people and their parents. The results of the survey were compiled in the research report 'On Your Own Feet Ahead. Towards Independence in Care for Young People with Chronic Conditions'. Based on the study, the report gave recommendations and tips for caregivers, parents and young people.


The relevant research findings from the qualitative and the quantitative studies in the 'On Your Own Feet' programme were compiled in the PhD thesis of the programme leader, AnneLoes van Staa. A hard copy of the PhD thesis can be ordered here (no costs involved) or downloaded from the Erasmus University repository:

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